Workers Compensation Lawyers in South Carolina

Workers' Comp Attorneys in South Carolina
Hurt at work? You need the help of a South Carolina Workers' Compensation Lawyer

South Carolina Work Injury Lawyers

The South Carolina workers’ compensation system is supposed to help those who have been hurt on the job. However, all too often, deep-pocketed insurance companies use their legal prowess to exploit the system and avoid paying injured workers the benefits they deserve.

Mickle & Bass employs four former South Carolina Workers’ Compensation Commissioners. Workers’ Comp Commissioners are hearing officers appointed by the governor of South Carolina. They travel throughout the state of South Carolina to hold hearings in a wide range of workers’ comp claims. Workers’ Comp Commissioners make decisions concerning money benefits and medical treatment in contested cases. The former Workers’ Comp Commissioners at Mickle & Bass presided over thousands of workers’ comp cases and gained extensive insights into how insurance companies fight these claims. Now, our dedicated team puts that knowledge to use in crafting smart legal strategies as we fight for the benefits our injured clients deserve.

You can count on our skilled South Carolina workers’ compensation attorneys to:

  • Stay on top of your paperwork and ensure you do not miss any deadlines that could put your claim in jeopardy
  • Thoroughly document your injuries and your inability to go back to work
  • Assist you in finding a medical provider if you are having a difficult time getting the treatment you need
  • Skillfully represent at hearings in denied claims
  • Keep the lines of communication open so you always feel comfortable asking questions about your claim

If you or a loved one has been hurt on the job, do not wait to speak with one of our highly respected South Carolina workers’ compensation attorneys. We can schedule a free consultation to talk about your claim, and we will not charge you any fees unless and until we secure money for you.

Why Choose Our SC Workers’ Compensation Lawyers?

Only six former South Carolina Workers’ Compensation Commissioners are currently representing claimants in South Carolina. Four of them work at Mickle & Bass.

Our attorneys understand how the S.C. Workers’ Compensation Commission decides a case.

We know what evidence commissioners need to see and what tactics insurance companies will employ. We have seen claimants without attorneys settle their cases for less than what they are worth, and we don’t want that to happen to you.

Schedule a free, no-obligation case consultation now, and learn how we can make a difference in your workers’ compensation claim.

What Are Workers’ Compensation Benefits in S.C.?

Whether you have been injured on the job or diagnosed with a disease related to your work, workers’ comp benefits should cover:

  • Medical expenses such as surgeries, hospitalizations, medications, prosthetic devices, etc.
  • Part of your wages while you are recovering (typically 66 2/3 percent of your average weekly wage, based on what you were making in the year before your injury, with a cap set by the South Carolina Department of Employment and Workforce)
  • Settlement or award for permanent injuries related to your work accident

Workers’ compensation also provides specific benefits in cases of disfigurement, disability, or death. In addition, our knowledgeable attorneys can help with a Social Security Disability claim if you are not able to return to work.

How Can You Protect Your Right to Workers’ Comp Benefits?

At Mickle & Bass, our team of experienced South Carolina workers’ compensation lawyers will handle all the details of your claim so you can focus on your recovery. However, there are some precautions you should take to protect your right to benefits. It is important that you:

  • Follow your doctor’s instructions after your Workers’ Comp Injury

    This includes attending all appointments and taking medications as prescribed. If your physician reports that you are not following your treatment plan, that will hurt your claim.

  • Beware of the insurance company and its motives following your work injury.

    The insurance company wants to pay you as little as possible (or nothing at all). You should never give a recorded statement, sign anything, or accept any payment from an insurance company without speaking to an attorney. You should also know that the insurance company may hire private investigators to try to find evidence to dispute your claim. So ask friends and family members not to talk about your workplace injuries.

  • Stay off social media to avoid issue with your Workers’ comp claim

    Your posts on social media can be used against you. What you may think is a simple photo of you on a good day can be used to argue your injury is not affecting you the way you claim.

  • Be open with your lawyers about your SC Workers’ comp claim. 

    We are on your side, but we can’t help you if we don’t know all the details. Just because you have suffered a previous injury or have a pre-existing condition, that does not mean you cannot win your workers’ comp claim.

If you or a loved one is coping with a workplace injury or illness, you should keep your focus on your physical and mental health. Do not put added pressure on yourself by trying to negotiate with insurers or navigate the complex workers’ compensation system on your own.

Our South Carolina workers’ compensation attorneys will take that burden off you and fight aggressively for the compensation you deserve.

Schedule a Free Consultation with Our Talented Workers’ Compensation Lawyers

Over the years, countless hardworking South Carolina residents have turned to Mickle & Bass after a serious workplace accident. Our experienced negotiators and litigators have stood strong for injured clients who were at their most vulnerable.

We take our jobs seriously because we know your claim is important to you.

Contact us today to set up a free and confidential consultation with our team. Our law firm does not charge a fee to get started on your claim. Instead, we get paid only if and when we recover money for you.

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Mickle and Bass: South Carolina Personal Injury Lawyers

South Carolina personal injury law covers a wide variety of claims. At Mickle & Bass, our skilled personal injury lawyers have extensive experience successfully resolving an array of cases, including:

If you or a family member has been harmed due to an individual’s or company’s negligence, you need to talk with our knowledgeable attorneys about what to do next. Schedule a free legal consultation today to get started on your case.