Can I afford a lawyer?

At Mickle and Bass, LLC, we represent people involved in work related accidents, car wrecks, truck accidents, injured through nursing home neglect, malpractice, using defective products as well as other civil injuries. These clients retain our services on a contingency fee basis. A contingency fee simply means that the client pays a fee only if a recovery is made on their behalf. No money is required or paid in advance to obtain the contractual services of the attorney. The attorney fee is a set based upon a percentage of the recovery and is ONLY paid if a recovery is made on the client’s behalf. For example, in a worker’s compensation case, the attorneys fee is set by law/statute and capped at 33.3% of the recovery. Additionally, if the lawyer advances the cost associated with the litigation, the law firm is entitled to be reimbursed for those cost at the conclusion of the case. Similarly, in other civil cases, the attorneys fee is based upon a percentage of the recovery and litigation cost are also reimbursed to the law firm. Additionally, fee calculation upon gross recovery before deducting cost.